Product Details:

Full Automatic KN95 Mask Machine

1.Work content: make KN95 mask without filter element

2.Product size: universal mask size

3.Production efficiency:25-30ppm

4.Qualified rate of equipment production:93-97%

5.Equipment failure rate:3%(Refers to the fault caused by the equipment itself)

6.Manpower required: 1 person

7.Working voltage: 220v

8.Whole machine power: rated working power 3000w

9.Material incoming method: manual feeding

10.Blanking method: automatic blanking


Equipment parameters:

1.Equipment size:8000mm(L)x1200mm(W)x1800mm(H)

2.Equipment weight:≤5000kg,Ground bearing≤500kg/m2

3.Working power supply:220VAC± 5%,50HZ,The rated power is about 9000W

4.Compressed air:0.5~0.7Mpa,Use traffic is about 300L/min

5.Use environment:Temperature10~35℃,Humidity5~35%HR,No flammability, corrosive gas, no dust, cleanliness not less than 100,000


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