Protective Clothing

Disposable Medical Protective Clothing Manufacturer for Absolute Safeguard

Prevent all the risks of contracting diseases with the disposable protective clothing of Konad Bio Co., Ltd. You can purchase them from us to avoid any chance of having any virus at the field. We use grade-1 materials like polyester and composites to assure high safeguard. Professionals in various fields can wear these protective clothes for the maximum hygiene. Likewise, healthcare and industrial workers can keep themselves protected from all the microparticles in the field. To illustrate, buyers can purchase these disposable medical protective clothes for multiple industries. 

Workers in automobiles, medicines, food, beverages, chemical, and paint industries need them. We made them highly protective by adding level-4 medical protection. They are disposable suits for high measures of protection. Professionals who spray pesticides and disinfectants need to wear protective clothing.

Offering Affordable Prices for Protective Clothing 

Konad Bio is a wholesale disposable medical protective clothing manufacturer in the international market. We provide custom services for different sizes of medical protective clothes. Our objective is supplying them at bargain rates to all buyers. You can also avail of customized protective clothes at reasonable prices. This is a reason why we are a bulk supplier with factory rates. If someone wants to purchase these protective clothes, we can supply them in bulk. High affordable prices can be a plus point for you if you want to purchase on a large scale.

High Protection Against Harmful Microorganisms and Contaminants  

We ensure the safety of consumers by adding riskless elastic cuff, hoodie, and waist. Protect yourself from every pandemic and contamination through Konad Bio. We are a disposable medical protective clothing manufacturer with better features. There are many reasons for wearing them, and spilling of chemicals is one of them. They provide a high barrier against dust particles, viruses, and airborne diseases. Likewise, they help in prevention of germs, chemicals, contamination, and microparticles in the healthcare field. These protective clothes are for healthcare professionals, forensic workers, factory workers, etc. Also, these protective clothes help to deal with patients of tuberculosis, Coronavirus, flu, measles, SARS, etc.

What are the Reasons Behind Our Success?

Konad Bio Co., Ltd. follows international standards like FDA, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, CE, etc. It is one of the reasons why buyers trust our manufacturing methods. We have served many international buyers so far. Most of them were from Japan, the United States of America, China, and Australia. You can also be our client just like them by placing your order.