Meet the leading Mask Manufacturers 

Medical masks or surgical masks are flat or tucked in design; some are cup-shaped used to affixed to the head with straps. Using a medical mask is one of the prevention steps to limit the spread of several respiratory viruses – including Covid-19 in affected areas. Before the pandemic happened, the masks were only used by doctors and paramedic staff at their workplaces, but now it’s known as a new normal. 

However, using a mask alone is insufficient to offer an adequate protection level; other protection measures--such as handwashing, home cleaning, and social distancing must also be considered. All of this is to prevent the human-to-human interaction, which is required in today’s Covid-19 situation. Paramedic staff and doctors are not only dependent on masks; they are wearing disposable nitrile gloves, lab coats, and aprons and scrubs. 

Basics of How to Wear A Mask:

As per the world health organization (WHO) commands, here is a list covering a few of the basics through which you make the precautionary measure a little more enhanced:

• Wash or sanitize your hands before you put your mask on, before and after you get it off, and after you move it anytime. 

• Be sure it covers all parts of your face, including nose, mouth, and chin. You can buy a Korea kf94 mask, as it’s one of the most durable products.

• When you take off your mask, don’t hang it anywhere you want. Please keep it in a clean plastic bag or wash it either before you use it again. 

• If used more than thrice, quickly disposed of it in a bin. 

• Don’t purchase masks that have valves.