Eye Protection

Take Safety Measures by Shopping  Eye Protection Products From Konad Bio

Everyone has learned the importance of taking safety measures to protect ourselves and other people around us. This is why Konad Bio Co., Ltd pledges to provide our clientele with top-quality protection products, including medical gloves, safety goggles, and face shields, etc. The quality we provide is superior and has a huge worth in the global industrial market. Besides our supreme quality, we promise to never delay our shipments as we care the most for the protection of our clients. We never disappoint our customers but in fact, satiate them by all means.

The Most Efficient Protection Items for Eyes

Eye protection is attained by wearing quality eyewear specifically manufactured to lessen the risk of exposure to laser radiation, chemical splashes, and/or flying debris.

General Safety Glasses

These glasses have side shields or a single-piece lens that wraps around the temple. They render a minimum level of eye protection and are mostly worn in the laboratory.

Chemical Splash Goggles

These are worn when you are working with chemicals, for example, in the laboratory, as any time a splash of chemicals or infectious particles could reach the eyes. Also, they act as impact goggles that help in preventing flying debris from reaching the eyes.

Face Shields

The Korean face mask is considered the best face shield as the splashes from chemicals that can cause immediate skin damage are handled (e.g., when you are working with concentrated acids, dispensing liquid nitrogen, sonicating tissue samples, etc.).