A Guide to COVID-19 Essentials

A Guide to COVID-19 Essentials

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced us to take some extreme measures and to ensure the safety of all the people around us; it's essential that we follow the protocols by all means. The demand for personal protective gear has skyrocketed since the pandemic, and there have many manufacturers that have made it possible to provide easy access to the safety gear to the masses. There are various types of face masks and PPE gear available that can be purchased at different prices depending on the need of the products.

Here are a few things that are essential to have in the fight against the global pandemic 

Face Masks

Acknowledging the fact that the COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and allegedly is transmitted through tiny particles, it's important to invest in good quality face masks that ensure the utmost safety against the transmission of the disease. The face masks are classified by the percentage of droplets that they are capable of blocking. There are numerous kinds of face masks available in the market that you can get at different prices. Some of the most commonly used face masks include K95, Korean KF94 face masks, and various surgical masks. 

Disposable Gloves 

The use of gloves might not be necessary for the masses, but their use is compulsory for the paramedics and other frontline healthcare staff as they are directly in contact with the COVID affected patients making them exposed to the severe disease. It's essential that the healthcare staff takes care of all the safety protocols and wear gloves such as nitrile disposable gloves to ensure proper safety. 

Hand Sanitizers 

Hand sanitizers have been one of the key commodities in the fight against the COVID-19. The frequent use of hand sanitizers and handwashing soaps can minimize the chances of contracting a severe disease. Many manufacturers offer medically approved hand sanitizers that can be brought to any pharmacy or drugstore.