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Konad Bio Co., Ltd is a well-known Korean face mask manufacturer and exporter in the international market. Konad Bio has advanced production workshops in Asia and an experienced international management team. Mask products produced by our factory meet international standards. They have been exported to the United States, Australia, Japan, China, and other countries during the epidemic, being widely praised by customers all over the world.

Being a top-rated wholesale Korea kf94 face mask manufacturer, we continuously work on advancing our face mask products functionality and shield protection. We maintained all international quality standards while producing our face mask products to facilitate our consumers with high quality and ultra-safe face mask products.

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Don't fear when the kf94 face mask manufacturer is there to help. Our face masks have helped the masses in dealing with uncertainty.

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How Do Kn95 And Kf94 Masks Differ From Each Other?

It is difficult to track which face masks people must wear to protect themselves and persons near them from coronavirus. Earlier during the pandemic, when there was a shortage of N95 masks, and these face masks were just recommended for healthcare specialists, a large number of people switched to a couple of other types of popular masks KF94 face mask and KN95 face mask, as both of them came extremely close to the degree of filtration present in the N95 face mask. Due to the rise in coronavirus cases, people again demand these expert-approved face masks. But what is the difference between these couple of face masks? And which of these masks is better?  Differences Between The Masks An infectious disease expert states that KF in KF94 is an abbreviation of Korean filter, and the ninety-four indicates a ninety-four percent filtration efficacy. The N95 face mask’s south Korean equivalent has a few dissimilarities. It combines the N95 mask’s elements with the essentials of a cloth face mask, contouring near the face with a flexible band around the nose’s bridge. Several people like the Kf94 face masks as their tentlike magnitude develops a small pocket of additional space between your mask and mouth. Nevertheless, KN95 face masks seem more like the beak of a bird and stick out beyond the face. They are viewed as the N95 mask’s Chinese equivalent and, according to that expert are composed of the same synthetic substance and also capture and filter out ninety-five percent of the atoms in the air. People may assume that due to the one percent difference between the efficacy rates, KN95 face masks perform better. But scientists have not done head-to-head tests between the two face masks, says another expert. That expert also tells what is important here is how tightly every mask fits people’s particular size and face shape. The essential factor for these face masks is the face seal. Without an excellent seal, both these face masks are the same, as air would just blow out and blow in through the exposed spaces on the mask’s sides. Therefore, these masks are more efficient when adults wear them than kids- even if kids wear their right size. That is because kids touch their face masks more than adults, a habit that damages the extremely essential seal around the mouth and nose. As the extremely contagious new variants of Omicron spread, experts state that some of the face masks that took us through the initial part of the coronavirus might not provide sufficient protection. An immunologist says that we must replace all cloth masks with KF94 face masks and KN95 face masks that give greater filtration irrespective of vaccination status. This version is exceptionally transmissible even in vaccinated people. The American public health regulator has provided approval to specific KF94 face masks and KN95s but an excellent way to know if people are getting genuine KF94 face masks is by finding that they are indeed manufactured in South Korea. This is because in South Korea, if face mask makers put a KF94 stamp on their masks and do not fulfill the standards, the government would heavily fine them.  An expert states that he likes KF94 face masks due to their quality control system. For KN95 face masks, it could be a bit tougher as no regulator actually guarantees that a mask maker really fulfills the KN95 standard. Experts suggest that people must buy face masks from well-reputed sources. People can do this by purchasing face masks from the official stores of the brands. To find out if the mask offers a tight seal, people must wear it and look at themselves in the mirror. People must not see any spaces around their cheeks, nose or beneath their chin. If the ear loops are extremely huge, they could tighten them by adding toggles or tying a strap or knots that links the loops behind their neck. Fitting Test Of KF94 Face Masks Three workers examined many kinds of KF94 face masks and KN95 face masks. Generally, they found that KN95 face masks fit more tightly with lesser spaces at the dimensions. Apart from that, KN95 face masks fit better while snugging all around, but they feel small. The KF94 face masks are better than KN95 face masks for a more customizable fitting. An expert tested a few variants of both KF94 and KN95 face masks. She preferred KF94 face masks over KN95 face masks. This is because KF94 face masks are much simpler to breathe in because there is that gap between the nose and mouth and the mask’s inside. Apart from that people wearing KF94 face masks find it simpler to talk than the rest of respiratory style face masks which is another benefit of wearing them. 

4 Best Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers In China

Medical professionals highly value nitrile gloves due to their resistance and durability to the permeability of several chemicals. The demand for medical nitrile gloves has been high because of the needs during the coronavirus pandemic. Even now, the popularity of nitrile gloves is yet at its peak across the world. Doubtlessly, the largest exporter of the majority of the gloves in the world is China. China's huge number of glove makers should be painful for weaving through. You will have a challenging time selecting which glove maker to buy from. In this blog, we have filtered the best suppliers of nitrile gloves in China to make it easier for you so you do not have to suffer the pain of searching for them yourself. Shenzhen HisoMedical Co Ltd Shenzhen HisoMedical Co Ltd is a high-quality supplier of medical, surgical, and dental supplies in China. It has eleven years of experience in manufacturing one-use protective medical products. It has several certificates (i.e., FDACE, and ISO9001) and fulfills the standards of various countries. The customer services of Shenzhen HisoMedical Co Ltd are amongst the best in the industry. HisoMedical is equipped with full manufacturing capabilities- making it a leading supplier of medical goods in China. This medical product manufacturer has fifteen manufacturing lines to manufacture protective garments, gloves, and surgical masks. It manufactures around 2.2 million face masks every day. The features of nitrile gloves produced by Shenzhen HisoMedical Co Ltd are superior puncture resistance and strength and anatomic design to cut down hand tiredness. Some of the critical products of HisoMedical are Nitrile exam gloves, nitrile-coated gloves, reusable nitrile gloves, powder-free nitrile gloves, sterile and non-sterile nitrile gloves, extended cuff nitrile gloves, one-use nitrile gloves. Its primary markets are the United States, France, Belgium, Germany, etc. Guilin HBM Health Protection Co Ltd Guilin HBM Health Protection Co Ltd makes protective items, including household and medical gloves. It is an exporter, manufacturer, supplier, and original equipment manufacturer of nitrile gloves which employs 500 workers and its production facility occupies a space of fifteen acres. HBM has six manufacturing lines with which it is capable of manufacturing one hundred and fifty million pairs of gloves yearly. This glove manufacturer has fifty patents and is viewed as a leading development and research company for producing medical products which export gloves to South Africa, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, and France. Some features of its nitrile gloves are ambidextrous, powder-free, biodegradability, fingerprint textured for helping glove wearers get a good grip. The key products of HBM are powder-free nitrile gloves and biodegradable nitrile gloves. Guangzhou Pidegree Medical Technology Co Ltd Guangzhou Pidegree Medical Technology Co Ltd is a producer of high latex services and products to market the brand iGlove & Hearted. Its key products are latex, nitrile, and vinyl household and exam gloves, alongside condoms, aprons, and polyethylene gloves. This glove manufacturer has several manufacturing lines with which it produces a yearly output worth ten million to fifty million USD. It strictly meets good production standards. The mission of Guangzhou Pidegree Medical technology Co Ltd is to provide prestigious and high-quality facilities. The features of nitrile gloves are durable, anti-puncture, and anti-tear. Guangzhou Pidegree Medical Technology Co Ltd is an original equipment manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter, and supplier of black nitrile exam gloves, nitrile exam gloves, powder-free nitrile gloves, and household latex gloves. Its major markets are: •Western European countries •Middle Eastern countries. •East Asian countries. •Southeast Asian countries. •African countries and North American countries. Shandong Xingyu Gloves Co Ltd Shandong Xingyu Gloves Co Ltd is a well-reputed maker of masks and gloves. It specializes in the development and research, sales, and manufacturing of worker protection gloves. This glove manufacturer has more than ninety automatic manufacturing lines of dipping gloves with its factory occupying over a hundred thousand square meters. Shangdong Xingyu Gloves Co Ltd has got several certificates, including a European Union certificate. It uses first-class manufacturing technology and machinery. The features of nitrile gloves are environment-friendly, have several variations, and stylish appearance. Some of its key products of Shandong Xingyu Gloves Co Ltd are nitrile-coated gloves, latex-coated gloves, garden gloves, and laminated latex gloves. Konad Bio Konad Bio is a South Korean well-reputed manufacturer of masks and other medical supplies. It is subordinated to Selinda Intl Group and has modern manufacturing workshops inside Asia and a globally experienced management team. The factory of Konad Bio manufactures mask products that fulfill global standards. Its products are exported to Australia, China, Japan, the United States of America, and other states during the coronavirus pandemic, being widely appreciated by customers all across the globe. Presently, Konad Bio is equipped with KF94 and highly modernized disposable mask manufacturing lines. This company has a manufacturing technical team and top management. The factory of Konad Bio produces a mask series that includes KF General Purpose, KF-AD, and KF94 masks.

Best Reusable Face Masks For Wearing In 2022

Even with more than sixty percent of eligible vaccinated Americans, booster shots offered to everyone aged over 18, and new federal vaccination mandates in place, the covid 19 is yet spreading. Now Omicron is the dominant coronavirus variant inside the United States of America. Yet we do not know a lot regarding the new covid variant but with holiday traveling on the edge and surges in coronavirus taking place across the country, it is a great idea to keep covering your face with a face mask every time. That is especially true for those people who are using any public transport, where face masks are yet needed in several states and cities. The outdoor environment is much safer than the indoor environment, but you must still cover your face with a mask outside if you are not vaccinated or if you are meeting a huge group of people who you do not know is vaccinated or not, and you must maintain a social distance. During times when you have to spend more time with other people in an indoor environment like at the appointment of a doctor, on an aircraft, or in a crowded shop double masking easily lowers your risk of suffering from coronavirus. The majority of the cloth masks discussed below would perform well together with a surgical-style mask for increasing your mask’s filtration. Masks that are on hype in 2022 on the basis of better functionality, style, and  protection are mentioned below: Baggu Fabric Masks With Earloops The earloop masks of Baggu are adorable as they seem and feel good. These masks can be washed by machine and made from 100% cotton of organic quilter which very efficiently blocks respiratory droplets. They are also equipped with a flexible nose wire and a pocket for an additional filter insert. Whereas other masks, bot accordion, and flat style are inclined to sit right against human skin, the envelope design of Baggu (like a KF94 one-use mask) and solid cotton keep the mask a little off your face because of which the masks feel less sweaty and hot.  Under Armour Sportsmask of Under Armour has been sold several times due to its special structured design that allows for added comfort and breathability. The external layer of the mask resists water while its inner layer is anti-bacterial to ensure that the mask remains fresh even when people wearing it are exercising. To protect people from the sun it also features an in-built layer of ultraviolet protection factor. This mask is adorable because it’s a bit tented over the human face, so it does not cling to the human mouth on the inhale when humans are heavily breathing. This mask is offered for sale in the market for masks in five sizes so it can fit you and it works in hot weather and cold windy weather. Vistaprint The masks of Vistaprint have been created to ensure comfort, breathability, and proper filtration. These masks are equipped with an inner filter pocket, bendable nose strip, flexible ear straps, and an additional cloth panel that hugs the human chin for a more comfortable fit. Vistaprint’s masks do not feel heavy or constricting and they seem adorable enough and really feel well made. The fabric used to manufacture Vistaprint’s masks is synthetic, but it wicks moisture. Therefore, it feels a little warmer than a lightweight hundred percent cotton mask but it does not make sweat---even after you wear it on a warm day. Uniqlo The masks of Uniqlo are manufactured from its signature material Airism. This material is antibacterial, self-deodorizing, and lightweight. Uniqlo’s masks are equipped with three covers for enhanced safety. The first inner cover wicks out moisture while the second cover has an in-built washable filter and the third cover uses an ultraviolet blocking mesh. They are offered in three colors grey, black, and white, and three sizes large, medium, and small. Although Uniqlo’s masks have three layers including an in-built filter it is quite breathable. Nevertheless, they do not have flexible ear loops or nose strips, which results in their little movement when you speak. Hedley & Bennet The masks produced by Hedley & Bennet are equipped with an extended body and a metallic nose strip. Apart from that, they are equipped with easily flexible ear loops and an internal pocket to add a filter. The masks are offered for sale in the market for masks in eight different colors, all of these have passed the light test. Oura The Air mask is amongst the few cloth masks that have gone through independent examination by a well-known third party for ensuring proper filtration. It is made up of a couple of covers of moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and ultraviolet-protective ultraviolet protection factor medical standard cloth. Oura’s Air mask has three features. These features include an internal filter pocket, complete face coverage, and a bendable nose strip. The cloth of the air mask of Oura is airy and even with the insertion of the additional N95 filter, it is easy to breathe while wearing this mask.

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KF94 Face Mask Manufacturer Produce 3d Designs Mask For Your Comfort

It's impossible to avoid outdoor activities in any situation; that is why to prevent exposure, wearing a mask is a surefire way to stay safe, but what if you feel irritated wearing it? Many people are concern about weaning masks, and one of the major reasons is that it is difficult to surmount the feeling of discomfort that a regular mask gives, especially in long hours. That's why we have done the job right as a kf94 face mask manufacturer by designing 3d faced face mask that protects you without discomfort.

One kf94 face mask manufacturer has introduced this idea of structuring a face mask so that it will provide enough space to breathe to the users. At first, we have adopted it to deliver our promise of taking care of our customers as an empathetic Korean face mask manufacturer.

Our Masks Are Ideal For Short And Long Exposure

Whether you are commuting from home to school/ work or for a long outdoor commute, our face masks are ideal for short and long exposures. Being a Korean kf94 mask manufacturer, we understand our customers' concerns about wearing a mask and its quality. For this reason, we have taken all elements of the mask into consideration ranging from design and size to raw material and durability. We are recognized as the most reliable Korean face mask manufacturer in the entire industry because our existing customers know where we outsource our products from and how strong the quality assurance department we own.